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7.33 reb


John Sweeney sweeney(at)


The reb_* family of drivers are used to control robots using the K-Team Kameleon 376SBC with Robotics Extension Board (REB). The Kameleon, (or Kam), has a Motorola MC68376 microcontroller that can perform velocity and position control and odometry for up to four motors, using the REB. It can also access a number of A/D inputs, which we have connected to Sharp GP2D12 IR proximity detectors.

In its default setting, a host computer can communicate with the Kam using the K-Team SerCom program, which uses a simple protocol to send commands and read data back. At UMass, we found that the default SerCom did not offer enough performance, so we developed our own, LPRSerCom, which uses the same protocol, but with some enhancements, such as letting the Kam do the odometry updates and IR synchronization. The bottom line is that you need to modifiy these drivers to work with the K-Team SerCom, which is not very difficult (mainly removing the LPRSerCom specific code). We can also send you a copy of LPRSerCom if you'd like. Email John Sweeney ( for information.

Interfaces / Configuration requests

Like the P2OS device, one thread handles 3 separate devices: position, IR, and power.

Configuration file options

Table 7.3 lists the available configuration file options for the REB device. In an option is specified more than once in the config file, then only the last value will be used. Note that the ``subclass'' option is very UMass specific, since are using two different chassis with different gear ratios.

Table: Configuration file options for the reb_* drivers.
Name Type Default Supported by Values Meaning
port string /dev/ttySA1 reb_* This port connects to the REB.
subclass string slow reb_position fast, slow The type of robot.


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