Data logging

Logging sensor data to files and playing it back. More...


 laser format

laser log format

 ranger format

ranger log format

 localize format

localize log format

 position2d format

position2d log format

 ptz format

PTZ log format The format for each wsn message is:

 opaque format
 sonar format

sonar log format

 WiFi format

wifi log format

 WSN format

WSN log format.

 IMU format

IMU log format.

 pointcloud3d format

PointCloud3D log format.

 actarray format

Actarray log format.

 aio format

AIO log format.

 dio format

DIO log format.

 rfid format

RFID log format.

 Blobfinder format

blobfinder log format

 Camera format

camera data format

 fiducial format

fiducial log format

 GPS format

gps log format

 Joystick format

joystick log format

 Position3d format

position3d format

 Power format

power log format

Detailed Description

Logging sensor data to files and playing it back.

Two player drivers support data logging and playback: readlog and writelog. See the docs for those drivers for details on usage.

Player log files have a simple text format. Messages are new-line separated, and any line beginning with a '#' is ignored. Every message line starts with common meta-data:

time host robot interface index type subtype

The fields are:

Following this common meta-data is the message payload, the format of which will depend on the interface, type, and subtype. See the "Modules" section below for links to interface-specific message formats.

By convention, configuration response messages such as geometry information are put at the beginning of the logfile. The writelog driver will try to get geometry and log it at the beginning of the file, and the readlog driver will read in configuration response messages from the file until a data message is encountered.

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