DEPRECATED Array of infrared rangers More...

#define PLAYER_IR_REQ_POSE   1
 Request/reply subtype: get pose.
 Request/reply subtype: set power.
 Data subtype: ranges.
typedef struct player_ir_data player_ir_data_t
typedef struct player_ir_pose player_ir_pose_t
 Request/reply: get pose.
typedef struct player_ir_power_req player_ir_power_req_t
 Request/reply: set power.

Detailed Description

DEPRECATED Array of infrared rangers

The ir interface provides access to an array of infrared (IR) range sensors.

This interface is deprecated. Use the ranger instead.

Typedef Documentation


The ir interface returns range readings from the IR array.

Request/reply: get pose.

To query the pose of the IRs, send a null PLAYER_IR_POSE request.

Request/reply: set power.

To turn IR power on and off, send a PLAYER_IR_POWER request. Null response.

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