PlayerCc::LimbProxy Class Reference

The LimbProxy class is used to control a limb device. More...

#include <playerc++.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LimbProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint32_t aIndex=0)
void RequestGeometry (void)
 Geometry request - call before getting the geometry of a joint through the accessor method.
void SetPowerConfig (bool aVal)
 Power control.
void SetBrakesConfig (bool aVal)
 Brakes control.
void SetSpeedConfig (float aSpeed)
 Speed control.
void MoveHome (void)
 Move the limb to the home position.
void Stop (void)
 Stop the limb immediately.
void SetPose (float aPX, float aPY, float aPZ, float aAX, float aAY, float aAZ, float aOX, float aOY, float aOZ)
 Move the end effector to a given pose.
void SetPosition (float aX, float aY, float aZ)
 Move the end effector to a given position, ignoring orientation.
void VectorMove (float aX, float aY, float aZ, float aLength)
 Move the end effector along a vector of given length, maintaining current orientation.
player_limb_data_t GetData (void) const
 Accessor method for getting the limb's data.
player_limb_geom_req_t GetGeom (void) const
 Same again for getting the limb's geometry.

Private Member Functions

void Subscribe (uint32_t aIndex)
void Unsubscribe ()

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Detailed Description

The LimbProxy class is used to control a limb device.

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