Slider Joint

Detailed Description

A slider joint.

  • body1 (string)
    • Name of the first body to attach to the joint
  • body2 (string)
    • Name of the second body to attach to the joint
  • anchor (string)
    • Name of the body which will act as the anchor to the joint
  • axis (float, tuple)
    • Defines the axis of movement
    • Default: 0 0 1
  • lowStop (float, meters)
    • The low stop position
    • Default: infinity
  • highStop (float, meters)
    • The high stop position
    • Default: infinity
  <joint:slider name="slider_joint>
    <axis>0 0 1</axis>


class  SliderJoint
 A slider joint. More...

Last updated Aug 04 2007