RaySensor Class Reference

#include <RaySensor.hh>

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Detailed Description

Sensor with one or more rays.

This sensor cast rays into the world, tests for intersections, and reports the range to the nearest object. It is used by ranging sensor models (e.g., sonars and scanning laser range finders).

Public Member Functions

 RaySensor (Body *body)
virtual ~RaySensor ()
double GetMinAngle () const
double GetMaxAngle () const
double GetMinRange () const
double GetMaxRange () const
int GetRayCount () const
int GetRangeCount () const
void SetRay (int index, const Vector3 &a, const Vector3 &b)
void GetRay (int index, Vector3 &pos, Vector3 &dir)
 Get ray parameters.
double GetRange (int index)
double GetRetro (int index)
int GetFiducial (int index)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void LoadChild (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Load the ray using parameter from an XMLConfig node.
virtual void InitChild ()
 Initialize the ray.
virtual void UpdateChild (UpdateParams &params)
 Update sensed values.
virtual void FiniChild ()
 Finalize the ray.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RaySensor ( Body body  ) 


body The underlying collision test uses an ODE geom, so ray sensors must be attached to a body.

virtual ~RaySensor (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void LoadChild ( XMLConfigNode node  )  [protected, virtual]

Load the ray using parameter from an XMLConfig node.

node The XMLConfig node

Reimplemented from Sensor.

double GetMinAngle (  )  const

Get the minimum angle

The minimum angle

double GetMaxAngle (  )  const

Get the maximum angle

the maximum angle

double GetMinRange (  )  const

Get the minimum range

The minimum range

double GetMaxRange (  )  const

Get the maximum range

The maximum range

int GetRayCount (  )  const

Get the ray count

The number of rays

int GetRangeCount (  )  const

Get the range count

The number of ranges

void SetRay ( int  index,
const Vector3 a,
const Vector3 b 

Set ray parameters

index Rayindex (from 0 to rayCount - 1).
a,b Ray endpoints (initial and final points). These are in body-relative coordiantes.

void GetRay ( int  index,
Vector3 pos,
Vector3 dir 

Get ray parameters.

index Ray index (from 0 to rayCount -1).
pos,dir Ray position and direction.

double GetRange ( int  index  ) 

Get detected range for a ray.

Returns DBL_MAX for no detection.

double GetRetro ( int  index  ) 

Get detected retro (intensity) value for a ray.

int GetFiducial ( int  index  ) 

Get detected fiducial value for a ray.

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