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A. Platform Specific Build Information

A.1 Mac OS X

Gazebo has been successfully built on Mac OS X 10.2, using the following steps.

  1. Install Apple's X11 and X11 developer packages; these can be obtained from Apple's website with a little bit of scrounging.
  2. Install Fink; this can be obtained from
  3. Use Fink to install other packages, such as libxml2, gdal and gdal-dev.
  4. Install ODE as per normal, then run ranlib on the installed library:
      $ ranlib [path_to_ode_lib]/libode.a
  5. Set the compiler include path. In bash shell:
      $ export CPATH=/usr/X11R6/include:/sw/include:/sw/include/gdal1
      $ export CPPFLAGS=-no-cpp-precomp
    Note the extra include paths (Fink sometimes installs things in weird places).
  6. Configure and build Gazebo as per normal.