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2.9 IRProxy

The IRProxy class is used to control an ir device. Right now, it is particular to the reb_ir driver.


unsigned short ranges[PLAYER_IR_MAX_SAMPLES];

Latest range readings

unsigned short voltages[PLAYER_IR_MAX_SAMPLES];

Latest voltage readings

double stddev[PLAYER_IR_MAX_SAMPLES];

Standard deviations

double params[PLAYER_IR_MAX_SAMPLES][2];

Distance regression params

double sparams[PLAYER_IR_MAX_SAMPLES][2];

Standard deviation regression params

player_ir_pose_t ir_pose;

Poses of the IRs. Contains: Where each pose element contains: (x,y,theta) in (mm,mm,degrees).


IRProxy(PlayerClient *pc, unsigned short index,
unsigned char access = 'c')

Constructor. Leave the access field empty to start unconnected.

int SetIRState(unsigned char state)

Enable/disable the IRs.

int GetIRPose()

Request the poses of the IRs.

void SetRangeParams(int which, double m, double )

Set range parameters.

void SetStdDevParams(int which, double m, double b)

Set standard deviation parameters.

double CalcStdDev(int w, unsigned short range)

Calculate standard deviations.

unsigned short operator [](unsigned int index)

Range access operator. This operator provides an alternate way of access the range data. For example, given a IRProxy named ip, the following expressions are equivalent: ip.ranges[0] and ip[0].

void Print()

Print out current IR data.