player_simulation_property_req Struct Reference

Request/reply: get/set a property of a named simulation object. More...

#include <player_interfaces.h>

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Public Attributes

uint32_t name_count
 Length of name.
char * name
 The identifier of the object we want to locate.
uint32_t prop_count
 Length of property identifier.
char * prop
 The identifier of the property we want to get/set.
uint32_t index
 Index for properties with multiples values (arrays...)
uint32_t value_count
 The length of the value data in bytes.
char * value
 The value of the property.

Detailed Description

Request/reply: get/set a property of a named simulation object.

To retrieve an property of an object in a simulator, send a
PLAYER_SIMULATION_REQ_GET_PROPERTY request. The server will reply with the value array filled in. The type of the data varies by property and it is up to the caller to cast the data to the correct type: see the warning below.
To set a property, send a completely filled in
PLAYER_SIMULATION_REQ_SET_PROPERTY request. The server will respond with an ACK if the property was successfully set to your value, else a NACK.
**WARNING** Types are architecture-dependent, so this feature may
not work correctly if the simulator is running on a different architecture than your client. The value bytes are transmitted as a raw binary object: no architecture-specific type conversions are performed. Use with caution.

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