StatGrabDriver Class Reference
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ThreadedDriver Driver

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Public Member Functions

 StatGrabDriver (ConfigFile *cf, int section)

Private Member Functions

virtual void Main ()
 Main method for driver thread.
int MainSetup ()
 Sets up the resources needed by the driver thread.
void RefreshData ()

Private Attributes

sg_swap_stats * swap_stats
sg_cpu_percents * cpu_percent
sg_mem_stats * mem_data
double mem_percent
player_devaddr_t mHealthId
player_health_data_t mHealth
int status
int32_t mSleep

Member Function Documentation

void StatGrabDriver::Main ( ) [private, virtual]

Main method for driver thread.

drivers have their own thread of execution, created using StartThread(); this is the entry point for the driver thread, and must be overloaded by all threaded drivers.

Implements ThreadedDriver.

References Driver::ProcessMessages().

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