SIP Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void ParseStandard (unsigned char *buffer)
void ParseSERAUX (unsigned char *buffer)
 Parse a SERAUX SIP packet.
void ParseGyro (unsigned char *buffer)
void ParseArm (unsigned char *buffer)
void ParseArmInfo (unsigned char *buffer)
void Print ()
void PrintSonars ()
void PrintArm ()
void PrintArmInfo ()
void FillStandard (player_p2os_data_t *data)
void FillSERAUX (player_p2os_data_t *data)
void FillGyro (player_p2os_data_t *data)
void FillArm (player_p2os_data_t *data)
 SIP (int idx)

Public Attributes

bool lwstall
bool rwstall
unsigned char status
unsigned char battery
unsigned char sonarreadings
unsigned char analog
unsigned char digin
unsigned char digout
unsigned short ptu
unsigned short compass
unsigned short timer
unsigned short rawxpos
unsigned short rawypos
unsigned short frontbumpers
unsigned short rearbumpers
short angle
short lvel
short rvel
short control
unsigned short * sonars
int xpos
int ypos
int x_offset
int y_offset
int angle_offset
unsigned short blobmx
unsigned short blobmy
unsigned short blobx1
unsigned short blobx2
unsigned short bloby1
unsigned short bloby2
unsigned short blobarea
unsigned short blobconf
unsigned int blobcolor
int32_t gyro_rate
bool armPowerOn
bool armConnected
bool armJointMoving [6]
unsigned char armJointPos [6]
double armJointPosRads [6]
unsigned char armJointTargetPos [6]
char * armVersionString
unsigned char armNumJoints
double lastLiftPos

Private Member Functions

int PositionChange (unsigned short, unsigned short)

Private Attributes

int param_idx

Member Function Documentation

void SIP::ParseSERAUX ( unsigned char *  buffer)

Parse a SERAUX SIP packet.

For a CMUcam, this will have blob tracking messages in the format (all one-byte values, no spaces):

255 M mx my x1 y1 x2 y2 pixels confidence (10-bytes)

Or color info messages of the format:

255 S Rval Gval Bval Rvar Gvar Bvar (8-bytes)

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