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Public Member Functions

 LaserTransform (ConfigFile *cf, int section)
virtual int ProcessMessage (QueuePointer &resp_queue, player_msghdr *hdr, void *data)
 Message handler.
virtual int Setup ()
 Initialize the driver.
virtual int Shutdown ()
 Finalize the driver.

Protected Member Functions

virtual int UpdateLaser (player_laser_data_t *data)=0
int HandleRequests ()
void HandleGetGeom (void *client, void *req, int reqlen)

Protected Attributes

player_devaddr_t laser_addr
struct timeval laser_timestamp
player_laser_data_t data
struct timeval time

Member Function Documentation

int LaserTransform::ProcessMessage ( QueuePointer resp_queue,
player_msghdr hdr,
void *  data 
) [virtual]

Message handler.

This function is called once for each message in the incoming queue. Reimplement it to provide message handling. Return 0 if you handled the message and -1 otherwise

resp_queueThe queue to which any response should go.
hdrThe message header
dataThe message body

Reimplemented from Driver.

References player_msghdr::addr, Driver::device_addr, player_devaddr::host, Driver::InQueue, Message::MatchMessage(), PLAYER_LASER_DATA_SCAN, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_DATA, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_REQ, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_RESP_ACK, PLAYER_MSGTYPE_RESP_NACK, Driver::Publish(), Device::PutMsg(), Driver::ret_queue, player_msghdr::size, and player_msghdr::subtype.

int LaserTransform::Setup ( void  ) [virtual]

Initialize the driver.

This function is called with the first client subscribes; it MUST be implemented by the driver.

Returns 0 on success.

Reimplemented from Driver.

References Driver::device_addr, Device::MatchDeviceAddress(), PLAYER_ERROR, and Device::Subscribe().

int LaserTransform::Shutdown ( void  ) [virtual]

Finalize the driver.

This function is called with the last client unsubscribes.

Returns 0 on success.

Reimplemented from Driver.

References Driver::InQueue, and Device::Unsubscribe().

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