AudioSample Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 AudioSample (const player_audio_wav_t *source)
 AudioSample (const uint8_t *source, uint32_t length, uint16_t channels, uint32_t sr, uint16_t bps)
void SetDataPosition (uint32_t newPosition)
uint32_t GetDataPosition (void) const
uint32_t GetDataLength (void) const
int GetData (int frameCount, uint8_t *buffer)
void ClearSample (void)
bool FillSilence (uint32_t time)
bool ToPlayer (player_audio_wav_t *dest)
bool FromPlayer (const player_audio_wav_t *source)
bool LoadFile (const char *fileName)
void CloseFile (void)
const char * GetFilePath (void) const
SampleType GetType (void) const
void SetType (SampleType val)
uint16_t GetNumChannels (void) const
void SetNumChannels (uint16_t val)
uint32_t GetSampleRate (void) const
void SetSampleRate (uint32_t val)
uint32_t GetByteRate (void) const
uint16_t GetBlockAlign (void) const
void SetBlockAlign (uint16_t val)
uint16_t GetBitsPerSample (void) const
void SetBitsPerSample (uint16_t val)
uint32_t GetNumFrames (void) const
bool SameFormat (const AudioSample *rhs)
void CopyFormat (const AudioSample *rhs)
void PrintWaveInfo (void)

Private Attributes

SampleType type
uint16_t numChannels
uint32_t sampleRate
uint32_t byteRate
uint16_t blockAlign
uint16_t bitsPerSample
uint32_t numFrames
uint32_t position
FILE * waveFile
char * filePath
uint32_t headerSize
uint32_t dataLength
uint8_t * data

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