Time Member List

This is the complete list of members for Time, including all inherited members.

Double() constTime
GetWallTime()Time [static]
operator *(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator *(const Time &time) constTime
operator *=(const struct timeval &tv)Time
operator *=(const Time &time)Time
operator!=(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator!=(const Time &time) constTime
operator!=(double time) const Time
operator+(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator+(const Time &time) constTime
operator+=(const struct timeval &tv)Time
operator+=(const Time &time)Time
operator-(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator-(const Time &time) constTime
operator-=(const struct timeval &tv)Time
operator-=(const Time &time)Time
operator/(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator/(const Time &time) constTime
operator/=(const struct timeval &tv)Time
operator/=(const Time &time)Time
operator<(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator<(const Time &time) constTime
operator<(double time) const Time
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Time &time)Time [friend]
operator<=(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator<=(const Time &time) constTime
operator<=(double time) const Time
operator=(const struct timeval &tv)Time
operator=(const Time &time)Time
operator==(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator==(const Time &time) constTime
operator==(double time) const Time
operator>(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator>(const Time &time) constTime
operator>(double time) const Time
operator>=(const struct timeval &tv) constTime
operator>=(const Time &time) constTime
operator>=(double time) const Time
Set(int sec, int usec)Time
Set(double seconds)Time
Time(const Time &time)Time
Time(const struct timeval &tv)Time
Time(int sec, int usec)Time
Time(double time)Time
~Time()Time [virtual]

Last updated Aug 04 2007