This page describes the necessary 3rd party libraries to use Gazebo

Required 3rd Party Libraries

Scons is used as a replacement to autotools.

The the GUI component of Gazebo is designed to allow users to integrate their favorite GUI libraries with Gazebo.

Visual display of Gazebo is accomplished using the OGRE rendering engine.

To simulate rigid body physics, Gazebo utilizes ODE. Gazebo requires that ODE support trimeshes. A default install of ODE should enable trimesh suppport, if in doubt check the help files found in the ODE sources.

User input is gathered using OIS:

Gazebo requires an xml configuration file to be specified at runtime. We use libxml2 to handle parsing this configuration file:


Player provides a convient mechanism to control the various models and sensors withing Gazebo. If Player is installed, then Gazebo will build a plugin for Player.

Last updated Aug 04 2007