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The following table is a driver wishlist for player. The idea is that you avoid implementing a driver that other people are working on or have completed but not yet submitted to Player. If you desire a driver in Player that implements some specific hardware support or algorithm you can add an entry to this wish list. Provide a description of the algorithm and some useful links or academic references (if they are available). If anyone is interested in tackling the task (or has already begun work on the task) they can claim the task and add links to their work.

If you plan to implement a driver by yourself, that is not in this wishlist, add it, claim it, and provide a link to your work if possible. This will reduce duplication of effort and benefit members of the Player community.

Driver Wishlist
Driver Interface Description Resources Subscribe
Name Date
Hardware Access
Segway RMP Position2d Driver for Segway RMP using built-in USB interface User:vandeweg 2007-08-10
Motion Control
Path Planning
OMPL Planner planner Path Planner driver based on the Open Motion Planning Library OMPL Library
Obstacle Avoidance
DWA Position2d Dynamic Window Approach Paper, Code
RangerIntegrator Ranger Combines multiple ranger into one virtual ranger using a local obstacle map or direct integration. User:Stefan 2007-08-06
PointCloudReader PoinCloud3d A Driver that can read several 3d point cloud formats (ply, ascii,...)and provide the pointcloud interface User:Stefan 2007-08-20
ScanMatcher pointcloud3d gets points from the pointcloud interface. If it has two (or more) complete scans it adjust the pose of the latest scan with all previos scans to get an overall consistent pointcloud. (In order to realize this, there have to be made some changes at the pointcloud interface)
Template for adding tasks
Example Driver The implemented Interface Not finished yet -> red (#f99) background color papers and example code If you want to do it enter your name here todays date
Example Driver The implemented Interface Not finished yet but someone has subscribe for this driver -> yellow (#ff9) background color papers and example code User:username subscription date ]
Example Driver link to documentation The implemented Interface Finished -> green (#9f9) background code paper name of the one who implements this driver date
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