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Notes about the Wiki  
Notes about the Wiki  

Latest revision as of 18:17, 9 January 2010

Notes about the Wiki

The Wiki is intended to complement, not replace, the Player web site. There's no need to duplicate material from the web site. On the other hand, if something on the web site would be better on the Wiki, please let the maintainers know, and we'll remove the web page and point to the Wiki version instead.


Links to move to the wiki

it's true that Wiki is not a duplicate, but there are some webpages that it seems more logical to have them in the Wiki (others don't). For instance, Users page to the wiki, Funding page -> not wiki

Some more links from the menu can point to the wiki:

I put here the entire list:

Player -> Player Stage -> Stage Gazebo -> Gazebo Contrib -> Category:Extensions FAQ -> Basic_FAQ Users -> PlayerUsers Download -> Download help -> Getting_help

Wiki info

I think that information about how to write articles on this wiki must not go to the Top. It must go to the bottom. That information is useful for people that will write articles in this wiki, mostly developers or advanced users much less people than those than want to learn about Player.

The rationale is that there are must more readers than writers. So put the information for the readers on top.

(rtv 2006.8.25) I moved the 'About this Wiki' section to the bottom of the page, but left an anchor link at the top for newbies. TODO: delete this section as resolved.

RoboMind-like backend

I suggest include RoboMind backend (see also RoboMind website and RoboMind-Introduction ). .-- 05:17, 5 April 2007 (PDT)

l have a question ,please answer me ,thank you

  l want to install player/stage ,all the thing go on well,at last when l write a commend  "make install" after  enlightening me ,the interface appearing make[*]......error,but without the warning ,please help me !If you give a reply quickly,I will gratating you very much.

I suggest you ask your questions over at the mailing list. See Getting_help. --Pooya 21 May 2007

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