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  • RoboDeb VM: VMWare-based Debian Linux image with Player & Stage, along with occam and Java bindings.
  • Robot OS: Debian based system that tries to be both minimal and to support the Player server so it is easily embedded in robots.
  • Cygwin: Player 1.6.x build instructions for Cygwin environment (must be updated, Cygwin has changed alot since the time this guide was written). Written by Paul Osmialowski.
  • MinGW: native win32 build of playerv, videoplayer and libplayec (version 1.6.5). Written by Paul Osmialowski.
  • Gentoo Linux: Player-1.6.5/Stage-2.0.0a/Gazebo-0.5.2 portage tree for Gentoo Linux (~amd64 sparc x86), provides all my patches, contains ebuild for CVS version of OpenCV library (x86 amd64 sparc). Written by Paul Osmialowski.
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