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Player 2.1.x

  • Stage: 2D multi-robot simulator (part of the Player Project)
  • Gazebo: 3D multi-robot simulator (part of the Player Project)
  • PNITCM3: Player 2.1 plugin driver for the PNI TCM3 Digital Compass. Provides a position3d device. Written by Kevin Barry.
  • position2dWatchdog: Player 2.1 plugin driver to wrap a position2d device with a watchdog, preventing continued motion after exiting a control program that forgets to send a stop command. Written by Kevin Barry.

Player 2.0.x

  • Stage: 2D multi-robot simulator (part of the Player Project)
  • Gazebo: 3D multi-robot simulator (part of the Player Project)
  • MIARN (Modules for Intelligent Autonomous Robot Navigation): Modules for feature detection(lines and arcs), people detecting and tracking, all from laser data. Amongst others. See also contribution on Clients Visualization.
  • MRICP 2.0: Player 2.0.x plugin driver for map reference ICP (MRICP). Read more here. Written by Tarek Taha.
  • Miabot Pro: Player 2.0.x plugin driver for the Miabot Pro robot. Written by Joseph Baxter.
  • MappingDriver: mapping driver for player 2.0.x, plugin to provide a map interface. Written by Marco Paladini
  • PtzDriver: Player 2.0.x plugin driver for Ptz Canon Vcc4/5 now with velocity control. University of Naples Federico II.
  • SSPP: Player 2.0.x plugin driver for Search Space Path Planner (SSPP). Read more here. Written by Tarek Taha.

Player 1.6.x

  • CameraV4L2: Player 1.6.5 driver for V4L2 cameras.
  • CameraUVC driver: Player 1.6.5 plugin driver for V4L2 cameras, via the Linux UVC driver.
  • Nomad ScoutII: Player 1.6 plugin driver for the Scout. Written by Victor Manual Jaquez Leal.
  • Various plugins: A variety of player plugins, including a driver for the D-link DCS-5300W wireless camera, a driver for Logitech USB cameras that use MJPG compression, a driver for Hemisson robot (modified Khepera driver primarily written by Toby Collett) and OpenCV-based Canny edge detector. Written by Paul Osmialowski and Piotr A. Dutt.
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