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*[ Experimental Robotics Framework]: Fast prototyping framework.
*[ Experimental Robotics Framework]: Fast prototyping framework.
*[ Player plugin for the Eclipse IDE]  Created by: Luke Gumbley and Steve Hsaio (packaged by Neil Menzies).
*[ Player plugin for the Eclipse IDE]  Created by: Luke Gumbley and Steve Hsaio (packaged by Neil Menzies).

Latest revision as of 01:14, 1 December 2009

  • Experimental Robotics Framework: Fast prototyping framework.
  • Player plugin for the Eclipse IDE Created by: Luke Gumbley and Steve Hsaio (packaged by Neil Menzies).
  • GazeboAPI: Matlab development tool interface to libgazebo.
  • Pyro, Python Robotics: A programming environment for easily exploring advanced topics in artificial intelligence and robotics without having to worry about the low-level details of the underlying hardware.
  • Marvin: a robust development platform for students working in the IRIS Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics course. A number of Player drivers are provided for working with Marvin robots.
  • SFERES: Artificial evolution framework together with a multi-agent framework. Player/Stage module for SFERES written by Stephane Doncieux.
  • MARIE: Mobile and Autonomous Robotics Integration Environment (MARIE) is a robotics development and integration environment focused on existing softwares reusability and exploitation of already available APIs and middlewares frequently used in robotics
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