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Big release, lot of architectural changes.  
Big release, lot of architectural changes.  
If you are still using Player prior 2.0 you should read [ the Player manual] and the [ migration guide].
If you are still using Player prior 2.0 you should read [ the Player manual] and the [ migration guide].
[ custom writing]

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Player 3.0.2 (2010-06-28)

Player 3.0.1 (2009-12-16)

Player 3.0.0 (2009-09-08)

Player 2.1.3 (2009-07-27)

Player 2.1.2 (2009-01-15)

Player 2.0.4 (2007-05-02)

This release includes a number of bug fixes and some enhancements over 2.0.3. This release is compatible with Stage 2.0.3.

Player 2.0.3 (2006-09-26)

Player 2.0.2 (2006-06-09)

Note on non-backward-compatible changes

This release is backward-compatible with 2.0 and 2.0.1, with one exception. Some fields names have changed in the 'simulation' interface message structures. All instances of 'property' are now 'prop', and 'property_count' are now 'prop_count.' This change works around a weakness in the SWIG parser that fails to recognize 'property' as a keyword in Python.

NOTE: The change explained above means that Stage 2.0.1 will NOT build against Player 2.0.2. However, an existing installation of Stage 2.0.1 should work with a new installation of Player 2.0.2. We are simultaneously releasing Stage 2.0.2, which will build against Player 2.0.2.

New interfaces added

  • wsn (wireless sensor networks)
  • graphics3d (drawing 3d graphics)
  • opaque (arbitrary, unstructured data)

Accompanying proxies are available in libplayerc and libplayerc++.

Drivers updated to 2.0 API

This means that these drivers could not be used in the 2.0.x released before 2.0.2 safety. Please update to this release if you plan to use them.

  • acts
  • amtecpowercube
  • aodv
  • canonvcc4
  • clodbuster
  • dummy
  • er1
  • imageseq
  • isense
  • laserbar
  • laserbarcode
  • laservisualbarcode
  • laservisualbw
  • mapcspace
  • mapscale
  • shapetracker
  • simpleshape
  • sphere
  • upcbarcode

Thanks to all those who updated the drivers (especially Toby, who did most of them).

New drivers added

  • artoolkitplus (coded marker detection)
  • camerauvc (Linux UVC camera support, e.g., QuickCam Pro 5000)
  • lasersafe (laser-based virtual bumper)
  • erratic (new ERRATIC robot from Videre Design)
  • wbr914 (new White Box Robotics 914 robot)
  • relay (simple client-to-client communication)
  • mica2 (Mica2/Mica2DOT sensor node)
  • rcore_xbridge (TeCo Particle Router Core sensor node, via the XBridge)

Stage 2.0.2

The only change in this release is to accomodate some name changes of message fields in Player 2.0.2. This release will build against Player 2.0.2, but NOT against Player 2.0.1 or Player 2.0.

Player 2.0.1

This micro release adds a couple of important features and fixes several bugs.

  • Added the ability for a client to switch between PUSH and PULL data modes, along with the ability to set device-specific replacement rules for message queues.
  • New messages structures added to the simulation interface.
  • Fixed bug in how messages were marked for sending inside the server.
  • Fixed bug in message.h that kept abstract drivers from properly forwarding requests to underlying drivers.
  • Fixed port double-open bug in urglaser driver
  • Fixed headers in roomba_comms.c so that it compiles on older OS X systems.
  • Fixed some (though not all) build errors arising from gcc 4.1.0.

Stage 2.0.1

This is mainly a bugfix and performance-enhancement release. This release requires Player-2.0.1, released simultaneously.

The only major new feature is the addition of support for Player's speech interface: speech bubbles show the text being "spoken" by each robot. The text is rendered using Pango, so non-Roman alphabets are supported.

Player 2.0.0

Big release, lot of architectural changes. If you are still using Player prior 2.0 you should read the Player manual and the migration guide. custom writing

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