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Mesh creation for Gazebo

Follow the instruction of the Tutorial from [Player/Stage/Gazebo].

Missing in the Tutorial is how you creat the part.mesh file from the part.mesh.xml file.

This is done with the OgreXMLConverter. You find it, after installing the package of the OgreMesh converter for Blender, in /usr/bin . use it like this OgreXMLConverter part.mesh.xml [NewNameofPart.mesh]

This will create the binary mesh file you wanted to use it with Gazebo.

Quick Tutorial

  • create your part in an 3D Tool
  • Export it to VRML1.0
  • Import it to Blender
  • Start the Script Export/OgreMesh
  • Export your part to part.mesh.xml
  • convert part.mesh.xml with OgreXMLConverter to part.mesh (now a binary file)
  • let Gazebo know the file ( either copy it to /usr/local/share/gazebo/Media/models or make a softlink from your file or folder to /usr/local/share/gazebo/Media/models )
  • use your part in your model
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