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Ubuntu packages for Gazebo 0.9

Below are lists of dependencies for building and running Gazebo 0.9. They can be imported as markings for the Synaptic Package Manager. The installation instructions can be found here


fakeroot		install
g++-4.4		install
cmake-data		install
libstdc++6-4.4-dev		install
g++		install
libtool		install
emacsen-common		install
cmake		install
autotools-dev		install
cmake-curses-gui		install
dpkg-dev		install
xz-utils		install
patch		install
libltdl-dev		install
build-essential		install


libsm-dev		install
libboost-system1.40-dev		install
libboost-test1.40.0		install
libboost-regex1.40.0		install
libice-dev		install
x11proto-xext-dev		install
libboost-wave1.40.0		install
libatk1.0-dev		install
debhelper		install
intltool-debian		install
libgsl0-dev		install
x11proto-kb-dev		install
libglib2.0-dev		install
x11proto-xinerama-dev		install
libpango1.0-dev		install
libboost-program-options1.40.0		install
x11proto-render-dev		install
libboost-thread1.40-dev		install
libboost-iostreams1.40-dev		install
libxi-dev		install
libxrender-dev		install
po-debconf		install
libcairo2-dev		install
mesa-common-dev		install
python-dev		install
libboost-thread1.40.0		install
libxdmcp-dev		install
libsysfs-dev		install
libdirectfb-extra		install
libgail-dev		install
libboost-serialization1.40.0		install
libboost-date-time1.40.0		install
libpng12-dev		install
libfontconfig1-dev		install
libmail-sendmail-perl		install
libdirectfb-dev		install
x11proto-composite-dev		install
xtrans-dev		install
x11proto-core-dev		install
libxcursor-dev		install
gettext		install
libboost-filesystem1.40-dev		install
libboost-program-options1.40-dev		install
libboost-signals1.40.0		install
libglu1-mesa-dev		install
cvs		install
x11proto-randr-dev		install
libboost-graph1.40.0		install
x11proto-damage-dev		install
libdrm-dev		install
freeglut3-dev		install
libxcb-render-util0-dev		install
libxt-dev		install
libgtk2.0-dev		install
libboost-math1.40.0		install
libxext-dev		install
libjpeg62-dev		install
libboost-iostreams1.40.0		install
libxdamage-dev		install
libboost-regex1.40-dev		install
libboost-math1.40-dev		install
zlib1g-dev		install
x11proto-input-dev		install
libfreetype6-dev		install
libart-2.0-dev		install
python2.6-dev		install
x11proto-fixes-dev		install
libgnomecanvas2-dev		install
libpthread-stubs0-dev		install
libxau-dev		install
libpthread-stubs0		install
libboost1.40-dev		install
libxcomposite-dev		install
libboost-serialization1.40-dev		install
libboost-graph1.40-dev		install
gccxml		install
libgl1-mesa-dev		install
libxrandr-dev		install
libexpat1-dev		install
libboost-date-time1.40-dev		install
libboost1.40-all-dev		install
libboost-wave1.40-dev		install
libboost-signals1.40-dev		install
html2text		install
libboost-filesystem1.40.0		install
libpixman-1-dev		install
libxft-dev		install
libx11-dev		install
libicu-dev		install
libxcb-render0-dev		install
libxfixes-dev		install
libxcb1-dev		install
libxinerama-dev		install
libboost-test1.40-dev		install
libboost-system1.40.0		install
libboost-python1.40-dev		install
freeglut3		install
libsys-hostname-long-perl		install
libboost-python1.40.0		install 


libswscale0		install
python-opencv		install
libavutil49		install
libpqxx3-dev		install
libdc1394-22		install
libstatgrab6		install
libkadm5clnt-mit7		install
libjasper-dev		install
libcvaux4		install
comerr-dev		install
libstatgrab-dev		install
libpqxx-3.0		install
opencv-doc		install
libcvaux-dev		install
libkrb5-dev		install
libavformat52		install
libgssrpc4		install
ruby1.8		install
libschroedinger-1.0-0		install
libgdk-pixbuf2-ruby		install
ruby		install
krb5-multidev		install
libssl-dev		install
libavformat-dev		install
swig		install
libglib2-ruby1.8		install
libtiff4-dev		install
libhighgui-dev		install
libcv4		install
libgsm1		install
libgdk-pixbuf2-ruby1.8		install
libtiffxx0c2		install
libhighgui4		install
libavcodec-dev		install
libpq-dev		install
libkadm5srv-mit7		install
libavcodec52		install
libgarmin-dev		install
libpq5		install
libkdb5-4		install
libcv-dev		install
libruby1.8		install
libavutil-dev		install
libgarmin0		install
libswscale-dev		install
libpqxx-2.6.9ldbl		install


libopenal1		install
libodbcinstq1c2		install
libzzip-0-13		install
libavutil49		install
libxaw7-dev		install
libtasn1-3-dev		install
libzzip-dev		install
libcurl4-gnutls-dev		install
libxerces-c2-dev		install
libevent-core-1.4-2		install
libkadm5clnt-mit7		install
libois-1.2.0		install
libgpg-error-dev		install
libjasper-dev		install
libproj0		install
comerr-dev		install
libgfortran3		install
libgeos-dev		install
libgcrypt11-dev		install
libevent-dev		install
libnetcdf-dev		install
libxerces-c28		install
libgdal1-dev		install
libsqlite3-dev		install
libogdi3.2		install
libxmu-headers		install
libfltk1.1-dev		install
mysql-common		install
libopenal-dev		install
unixodbc-dev		install
libkrb5-dev		install
libhdf5-serial-1.8.4		install
odbcinst		install
libmysqlclient-dev		install
libavformat52		install
libldap2-dev		install
libgeos-3.1.0		install
libgif-dev		install
libgssrpc4		install
unixodbc		install
libschroedinger-1.0-0		install
libhdf5-serial-dev		install
libogremain-1.6.4		install
libfreeimage-dev		install
libgnutls-dev		install
libfltk1.1		install
odbcinst1debian1		install
krb5-multidev		install
libssl-dev		install
libhdf4-0-alt		install
libavformat-dev		install
libxmu-dev		install
libgeos-c1		install
libogre-dev		install
proj-data		install
libxml2-dev		install
libxpm-dev		install
libgsm1		install
proj-bin		install
libavcodec-dev		install
libpq-dev		install
libkadm5srv-mit7		install
libmysqlclient16		install
libavcodec52		install
libfreeimage3		install
libpq5		install
libkdb5-4		install
libqt3-mt		install
libopenexr-dev		install
libevent-extra-1.4-2		install
libavutil-dev		install
libaudio2		install
libois-dev		install
libhdf4-alt-dev		install
libgdal1-1.6.0		install
libmng1		install
libidn11-dev		install
libnetcdf4		install
libilmbase-dev		install
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