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Downloading the source code

The official download page for all the software of the Player project is located on sourceforge:

Instructions to download the latest SVN/GIT version can be found in The basic FAQ.

All the software of the Player project is under the GNU General Public License, downloading, modifying and copying is encouraged (please contribute patches!).

Official Installation guides

Unofficial Installation guides

Downloading binary packages

Some packages are contributed by third parties developers. WARNING! These packages are by no means official! We make no guarantees regarding the correctness, completeness or currency of these packages; use at your own risk.

Debian/Ubuntu packages

  • Requires: Linux Debian/Ubuntu
  • Provides: Player, Stage, Gazebo

For Ubuntu 9.10 or superior go to:

Click on "Technical Details about this PPA", select your Ubuntu version and then add the generated lines in the Other Software tab in System>Administration>Software Sources.

Note: Using Gazebo from these packages doesn't work for me on Ubuntu 9.10. But using Gazebo compiled from svn rev. 8325 worked fine (with some minor bugs). To avoid compiling Ogre 1.6.4 i used the debian sid packages - B2ag

Fedora packages

  • Requires: Fedora 11 or higher
  • Provides: Player, Stage

Player is available directly from Fedora's repositories. Fedora 11 and up all have packages for the latest Player version that was available during the respective Fedora release cycle. You can install all of the Player components by running the command:

yum install player player-devel player-doc player-examples player-python player-ruby

Stage is also included in Fedora 11 and beyond. To install all of the Stage components, run the command:

yum install stage stage-devel stage-playerplugin

Fedora 9 and 10 have packages for Player 2.1.1. They can be installed with the instructions above, but Player 2.1.1 does not have the "player-ruby" package. No releases of Fedora before Fedora 11 include packages for Stage.

Gentoo packages

  • Requires: Linux Gentoo
  • Provides: Player, Stage, Gazebo

Gentoo ebuilds for Player, Stage and Gazebo can be found here (thanks to Victor Manuel Jaquez Leal):

The installation instructions can be found in the Gentoo wiki's HOWTO install Gazebo/Player/Stage If you want to use player from within python, you will need player-2.0.3. Otherwise, "import playerc" will fail.

OS X/Fink/Gazebo

  • Requires: OS X Fink
  • Provides: Gazebo 0.5 dependencies

Warning: Gazebo 0.5 is outdated!

Lars Cremean has kindly provide a shell script that will install the required dependencies for Gazebo. This script will apt-get binaries when they are available, and install from source when they are not.

Run this script from a console, then proceed with the source-based Gazebo installation:


  • Requires: Windows XP or higher
  • Provides: Player

As of Player 3, all Player releases are also released with Windows installer packages. The installer is available from SourceForge. Windows users will need to add the Player bin/ and lib/ directories to the system PATH.

Player needs the pthreads-win32 libraries to function correctly on Windows. The pthread-vc2 library should be download from the pthreads-win32 page and also placed on the system PATH.

Additional dependencies

On most systems additional libraries will need to be installed in order to compile Player/Stage/Gazebo, and some of these missing libraries may not be identified by the configure script. The libraries you may need to install on your system are listed below.

Player/Gazebo 0.7 under Ubuntu Dapper 6.06

To compile with gzbuilder and terrain models you'll need to install these libraries:

  • freeglut3-dev
  • giflib3g-dev
  • lib3ds-dev
  • libatk1.0-0
  • libcfitsio-dev
  • libgeos-dev
  • libhdf4g-dev
  • libjasper-1.701-dev
  • libnetcdf++3
  • libpq-dev
  • libxerces26-dev
  • netcdfg-dev
  • python-gdal

Ubuntu 9.04

  • sudo apt-get install python-gdal netcdfg-dev libpq-dev libhdf4g-dev libgeos-dev libatk1.0-0 lib3ds-dev freeglut3-dev

Development code from source control

Code currently in development is in sourceforge's source control systems. For information on how to get it, see this FAQ entry: How do I get the latest code?

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