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  • ARDev An augmented reality visualisation tool with strong support for the Player project. Allows standard player interfaces to be viewed in context with the real world and your robot system. Also supports the rendering of custom AR graphics with the graphics2d and graphics3d interfaces. Written by Toby Collett
  • MapViewer: Tool for the creation/manipulation of maps for mobile robotics research. It can import/export/manipulate maps in the formats of Saphira, Player/Stage, Rossum and Beesoft simulators.
  • MIARN, Player Viewer 3D: Uses a plugin architecture that makes it easy to develop visualizations and interaction interfaces for robotics, using data from Player proxies. Some common sensors visualizations and interfaces are already implemented.
  • videoplayer2: Simple gtk2 player client that shows images (both color and grey, 8/24/32bpp) from a camera device (with decompression if needed). Written by Paul Osmialowski.
  • videoplayer: The same as above but for older (1.6.x) players. Written by Paul Osmialowski.
  • MiniBotControl: A GTKmm Control Interface for Player/Stage Robots.
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