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This is the Changelog and Roadmap of Gazebo, current development effort is heading towards getting 0.8 version out. See [Development_goals | development goals] page for long term goals.



Since version 0.9 (as of 2009.07.10)

  • Ruby bindings for libgazebo
  • Ambient GLSL

Version 0.9 (2009.07)

  • Entity browser in the GUI
  • Needs Ogre 1.6
  • OpenAL support
  • Compilation system moved from scons to Cmake
  • Contact sensor, bumper controller, player and libgazebo examples
  • Laser example
  • User cameras can save frames (with example)
  • MonoCameraSensor supports multiple formats
  • Support more Player commands for simulator
  • Much more funtionality in the Graphics3D interface
  • laserFiducial and laser properties per model
  • Range resolution for Ray sensor
  • Range for lights
  • Customizable mass matrix in each body
  • Friction can be enable/disabled
  • Lot of fixes and updates

Version 0.8-pre3 (2008.08)

  • Mouse picking
  • Physics can be disabled
  • Added Vertical and Horizontal field of view attributes to the cameras
  • Multiple windows on GUI
  • Pause/resume via libgazebo
  • New worlds and models
  • Lot of fixes

Version 0.8-pre2 (2008.03)

  • New organization of the Media
  • Solved issues with 64-bit machines
  • Planes can be oriented in any position
  • The grid can be disabled
  • Allow gazebo to run without any GUI
  • Steering wheels controller
  • New SVN structure
  • Friction can be configured in the XML
  • Shadow types and buffer index support in XML

Version 0.8-pre1 (2007.11)

  • Adoption of scons over autotools
  • Modular physics engine (ODE integrated)
  • OGRE rendering engine
  • XML physical description of models
  • Runtime pairing of interfaces and controllers

TODO (previous to 1.0 release)

  1. OGRE HUD and better user interface
    • Create a heads up display to display relevant information about the current simulation. Also allows the user to select objects in the environment, see information about them, and manipulate them. Possible even allow them to write and edit python scripts.
  2. Python script interface
    • Someone with good expertise with Python and C is required for this. See the above section for the desired effect. Before even starting on this, it would be a good idea to have a discussion on the mailing list.
  3. Better support for player proxies
    • Gazebo is really lacking in this department. We need to implement numerous relevant proxies.
  4. Distributed Gazebo
    • This is a bit more out-there. But it would be really nice to run gazebo across numerous. Or run a central server that accepts client connections. Thoughts?
  5. Read in and use Unreal/Doom/Quake maps.
    • Ogre might support this, but I haven't checked.
  6. Possibly interface with google maps??
    • Automatically create an environment based on layout of city streets, and randomly populate with buildings.
  7. Multi-level buildings, elevators, doors, staircases, buttons and switches.
  8. WIFI simulation
  9. GPS simulation
  10. More sensors: light sensors, heat sensors.
  11. Scripting interface for all models
    • Allow each model to call a user-defined python script. This needs to be flushed out much more. But the general idea is to allow formerly static objects (such as doors, lights, boxes, cameras) to be movable and controllable. This idea can also be applied to robots for special needs.
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