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There are a lot of things that you can do to help us make Gazebo the best robotics simulator. They don't always involve coding or difficult task, but there are challenges also if you'd like to.

Wiki tasks

  • If you are using Gazebo add yourself or your institution in the users page. Add any information you may think is relevant. Adding screenshots or link to more information can be a good idea.
  • You can create and upload some nice looking screenshot.
  • Any other addition, tutorial, installation HOWTO will be welcome, some of that information will go to the standard manual.
  • Update this own page with more information.

Models tasks

  • Create sets: You can create models or download them from Internet (refer to the mesh tutorial of the official manual) and create a set for them. We can create a great already created and easy to use models library.
  • Low poligonal version of current models can be welcomed for a number of current models.
  • Most if not all the models of Gazebo 0.7 can work with Gazebo 0.8 without needing programming anything, just create the correct XML files. Port them

Programing tasks

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