A list of non-developers who have made substantial contributions to the Player Project. If we have accidentally left you out, please contact Brian Gerkey.

Thanks for contributing to the project!

  • Reed Hedges (Stage)
  • Kasper Støy (original implementation of Player)
  • Josh Bers (fixes for ARM/Linux, p2os_sound driver)
  • Jason K. Douglas (upgrade ACTS driver to v1.2)
  • Kim Jinsuck (radio modem support for P2OS driver)
  • Andy Martignoni III (update of RWI drivers, CMVision driver)
  • Nik Melchior (RWI drivers)
  • Esben Østergaard (Java client, Audio device, original laser beacon device).
  • John Sweeney (cross-compile to ARM/Linux, REB drivers).
  • Maxim Batalin (Java client)
  • Brendan Burns (Common LISP client)
  • Jason K. Douglas (port of C++ client to Win32)
  • Torbjørn Dahl (Ruby client)
  • Jakob Fredslund (Java client)
  • Boyoon Jung (Python client)
  • Gautam Dandavate dandavat at (3DS models)
  • University of Melbourne RoboCup Team (tracking code that became Mezzanine)

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