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Below are links to contributed software packages designed for use with Player, Stage, and/or Gazebo. Many thanks to the respective developers for their contributions! To have your package listed here, announce it, with a link, on the developers' list.

Note: please report bugs to and ask questions of the appropriate developer(s) directly.

Contributed Player Client Libraries

Several people have developed their own client libraries for Player, and have generously allowed us to post them here. Depending on their compatibility and stability, some of these may sometimes be bundled with Player releases.

Other contributed components (drivers, visualization tools, etc.)

  • GazeboAPI: Matlab interface to libgazebo.

  • RoboDeb VM: VMWare-based Debian Linux image with Player & Stage, along with occam and Java bindings.

  • Player/Stage Knoppix CD: Knoppix bootable CD images with Player & Stage installed

  • CameraV4L2: Player 1.6.5 driver for V4L2 cameras.

  • CameraUVC driver: Player 1.6.5 plugin driver for V4L2 cameras, via the Linux UVC driver.

  • Pyro, Python Robotics: A programming environment for easily exploring advanced topics in artificial intelligence and robotics without having to worry about the low-level details of the underlying hardware.

  • various plugins: A variety of player plugins, including a driver for the D-link DCS-5300W wireless camera and a OpenCV-based Canny edge detector. Written by Paul Osmialowski. See also Paul's Cygwin and Win32 builds of Player and related software.

  • Marvin: a robust development platform for students working in the IRIS Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics course. A number of Player drivers are provided for working with Marvin robots.

  • SFERES: Artificial evolution framework together with a multi-agent framework. Player/Stage module for SFERES written by Stephane Doncieux.

  • videoplayer: simple gtk+ player client that shows RGB888-format images from a camera device (with decompression if needed). Written by Paul Osmialowski.

  • Nomad ScoutII: Player 1.6 plugin driver for the Scout. Written by Victor Manual Jaquez Leal.

  • MIARN (Modules for Intelligent Autonomous Robot Navigation): Player 1.5 (with slight modifications) plugin driver for fast laser feature extraction and feature-based people tracker. Also includes a GL-based visualization client. Written by Joao Xavier, Marco Pacheco, and Daniel Castro.

  • MapViewer: Tool for the creation/manipulation of maps for mobile robotics research. It can import/export/manipulate maps in the formats of Saphira, Player/Stage, Rossum and Beesoft simulators.

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