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1.9 Acknowledgements

Stage originated at the University of Southern California Robotics Labs. Support at USC has come from DARPA grant DABT63-99-1-0015 (MARS), NSF grant ANI-9979457 (SCOWR), DARPA contract DAAE07-98-C-L028 (TMR), ONR Grants N00014-00-1-0140 and N0014-99-1-0162, and JPL Contract No. 1216961. Development at HRL Laboratories is supported by a DARPA contract (SDR). Thanks to Doug Gage at DARP IPTO.

Thanks to our contributors and users, particularly the USC Robotics Lab students and alumni who have been generous with their advice, bug fixes, and contributions. These fine people have contributed code: Esben Østergård, Jakob Fredslund, Boyoon Jung, Jason K. Douglas, Kim Jinsuck, Gabe Sibley, and Dave Naffin. Contributed tools can be found on the website.