player_wifi_data Struct Reference

Data: state (PLAYER_WIFI_DATA_STATE) More...

#include <player_interfaces.h>

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Detailed Description


The complete data packet format.

Public Attributes

uint32_t links_count
 length of said list
 A list of links.
uint32_t throughput
 mysterious throughput calculated by driver
uint32_t bitrate
 current bitrate of device
uint32_t mode
 operating mode of device
uint32_t qual_type
 Indicates type of link quality info we have.
uint32_t maxqual
 Maximum value for quality.
uint32_t maxlevel
 Maximum value for level.
uint32_t maxnoise
 Maximum value for noise.
char ap [32]
 MAC address of current access point/cell.

Member Data Documentation

Maximum value for noise.

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