SICK NAV200 laser localisation unit. More...

SICK NAV200 laser localisation unit.

The sicknav200 driver interfaces to the NAV200 localiation unit and provides the current position output of the device.

By default, the driver will enter positioning mode and use the reflectors stored on the nav200. To map the visible reflectors and store them on the nav200, set the mode property to mapping. To copy the reflector positions from a vectormap onto the nav200, add a vectormap to the requires list of the driver and set the mode property to fetch. To get the reflector positions from the nav200 to display using the vectormap this driver provides, set the mode to upload. Note: mapping and fetch also provide the reflectors positions for display, as well as storing them on the nav200.

Compile-time dependencies
Configuration requests
Configuration file options
   name "sicknav200"
   provides ["position2d:0" "vectormap:0"]
   requires ["opaque:0"]
   name "serialstream"
   provides ["opaque:0"]
   port "/dev/ttyS0"

Kathy Fung, Toby Collett, David Olsen, inro technologies