Joystick control for a mobile robot. More...

Joystick control for a mobile robot.


playerjoy is a console-based client that provides planar, differential-drive teleoperation of position2d and position3d devices. In other words, playerjoy allows you to manually drive your (physical or simulated) robot around. playerjoy uses velocity control, and so will only work when the underlying driver supports velocity control (most drivers do).


playerjoy is installed alongside player in $prefix/bin, so if player is in your PATH, then playerjoy should also be. Command-line usage is:

$ playerjoy [options] <host:port> [<host:port>] ...

Where options can be:

playerjoy supports both joystick and keyboard control, although joysticks are only supported in Linux. If supported, joystick control is used by default. Keyboard control will be used if: the -k option is given, or playerjoy fails to open /dev/js0 (i.e., there is no joystick).

Joystick control is as follows: forward/backward sets translational (x) velocity, left/right sets rotational (yaw) velocity.

Details of keyboard control are printed out on the console.

Calibrate out initial offset; should be possible by parsing the JS_EVENT_INIT message.
Brian Gerkey, Richard Vaughan