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iRobot Create

Newer versions of the iRobot Create vaccum robot can be controlled by an external computer over a serial line. This driver supports control of these robots.

Note that the serial port on top of the Create operates at 5V, not the RS232 standard of 12V. This means that you cannot just plug a plain old serial cable between the Create and your PC's serial port. You need to put a level-shifter in between them. Or you if have a computer that exposes serial lines at "logic level," (e.g., the Gumstix), you can use them directly. Check out iRobot's hacker site for more information, including the pinout on the Create's serial port. The Create Wiki has a howto on building an appropriate serial cable.

Compile-time dependencies

The create driver provides the following device interfaces:

Supported configuration requests
Configuration file options
  name "create"
  provides ["position2d:0" "power:0" "bumper:0" "ir:0" "opaque:0"]
  port "/dev/ttyS2"
  safe 1

- Add support for IRs, vacuum motors, etc.

Brian Gerkey