Message Member List
This is the complete list of members for Message, including all inherited members.
Compare(Message &other)Message
CreateMessage(const struct player_msghdr &Header, void *data, bool copy=true) (defined in Message)Message [private]
DataMessage [private]
GetDataSize()Message [inline]
GetHeader()Message [inline]
GetPayload()Message [inline]
HeaderMessage [private]
LockMessage [private]
MatchMessage(player_msghdr_t *hdr, int type, int subtype, player_devaddr_t addr)Message [inline, static]
MatchMessage(player_msghdr_t *hdr, int type, int subtype)Message [inline, static]
Message(const struct player_msghdr &Header, void *data, bool copy=true)Message
Message(const struct player_msghdr &Header, void *data, QueuePointer &_queue, bool copy=true)Message
Message(const Message &rhs)Message