Camera visualization GUI. More...

Camera visualization GUI.


Playercam is a gui client that displays images captured from a player camera and/or blobfinder device.


playercam is installed alongside player in $prefix/bin, so if player is in your PATH, then playercam should also be. Command-line usage is:

$ playercam [options]

Where [options] can be:

For example, to connect to Player on localhost at the default port (6665), and subscribe to the 1st camera device:

$ playercam -i=1

playercam can visualize data from devices that support the following colorspaces:

Any time a user clicks on the image display, the pixel location and color value at that place will be written to standard out.


- add additional vision feedback abilities w/ opencv (directional histogram)

Brad Kratochvil

Last updated 25 May 2011 21:17:00