Log read / write control. More...

 Request/reply subtype: set write state.
 Request/reply subtype: set read state.
 Request/reply subtype: get state.
 Request/reply subtype: rewind.
 Request/reply subtype: set filename to write.
 Types of log device: read.
 Types of log device: write.
typedef struct
 Request/reply: Set write state.
typedef struct
 Request/reply: Set playback state.
typedef struct player_log_get_state player_log_get_state_t
 Request/reply: Rewind playback.
typedef struct
 Request/reply: Set filename.

Detailed Description

Log read / write control.

The log interface provides start/stop control of data logging/playback. A log device either writes data from one or more devices to a file, or it reads logged data from a file and plays it back as if it were being produced live by one or more devices.

Typedef Documentation

Request/reply: Rewind playback.

To rewind log playback to beginning of logfile, send a PLAYER_LOG_REQ_SET_READ_REWIND request. Does not affect playback state (i.e., whether it is started or stopped. Null response. Request/reply: Get state.

To find out whether logging/playback is enabled or disabled, send a null PLAYER_LOG_REQ_GET_STATE request.

Request/reply: Set filename.

To set the name of the file to write to when logging, send a PLAYER_LOG_REQ_SET_FILENAME request. Null response.

Request/reply: Set playback state.

To start or stop data playback, send a PLAYER_LOG_REQ_SET_READ_STATE request. Null response.

Request/reply: Set write state.

To start or stop data logging, send a PLAYER_LOG_REQ_SET_WRITE_STATE request. Null response.

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