REB Member List
This is the complete list of members for REB, including all inherited members.
AddFileWatch(int fd, bool ReadWatch=true, bool WriteWatch=false, bool ExceptWatch=true)Driver [protected]
AddInterface(player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [protected]
AddInterface(player_devaddr_t *addr, ConfigFile *cf, int section, int code, const char *key=NULL)Driver [protected]
ConfigAD(int, int) (defined in REB)REB
ConfigPosPID(int, int, int, int) (defined in REB)REB
ConfigSpeedPID(int, int, int, int) (defined in REB)REB
ConfigSpeedProfile(int, int, int) (defined in REB)REB
current_heading (defined in REB)REB [private]
desired_heading (defined in REB)REB [private]
direct_velocity_control (defined in REB)REB [private]
Driver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds, size_t queue_maxlen, int interf)Driver
Driver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds=true, size_t queue_maxlen=PLAYER_MSGQUEUE_DEFAULT_MAXLEN)Driver
DummyMain(void *driver)ThreadedDriver [protected, static]
DummyMainQuit(void *driver)ThreadedDriver [protected, static]
GetError()Driver [inline]
HasSubscriptions() (defined in Driver)Driver
ir_id (defined in REB)REB [private]
ir_sequence (defined in REB)REB [private]
ir_subscriptions (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_ir (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_ir_update (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_lpos (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_pos_update (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_position (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_power_update (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_rot_command (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_rpos (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_theta (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_trans_command (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_x_f (defined in REB)REB [private]
last_y_f (defined in REB)REB [private]
leftpos (defined in REB)REB [private]
leftvel (defined in REB)REB [private]
Lock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
Main()REB [virtual]
MainQuit()REB [virtual]
MainSetup()REB [virtual]
motors_enabled (defined in REB)REB [private]
param_index (defined in REB)REB [private]
pos_update_period (defined in REB)REB [private]
position_id (defined in REB)REB [private]
position_subscriptions (defined in REB)REB [private]
power_id (defined in REB)REB [private]
ProcessCommand(player_position_cmd_t *poscmd) (defined in REB)REB [private]
ProcessInternalMessages(QueuePointer &resp_queue, player_msghdr *hdr, void *data)Driver [virtual]
ProcessMessage(ClientData *client, player_msghdr *hdr, uint8_t *data, uint8_t *resp_data, size_t *resp_len) (defined in REB)REB
ThreadedDriver::ProcessMessage(QueuePointer &resp_queue, player_msghdr *hdr, void *data)Driver [virtual]
ProcessMessages(int maxmsgs)Driver
Publish(player_devaddr_t addr, QueuePointer &queue, uint8_t type, uint8_t subtype, void *src=NULL, size_t deprecated=0, double *timestamp=NULL, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
Publish(player_devaddr_t addr, uint8_t type, uint8_t subtype, void *src=NULL, size_t deprecated=0, double *timestamp=NULL, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
Publish(QueuePointer &queue, player_msghdr_t *hdr, void *src, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
Publish(player_msghdr_t *hdr, void *src, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
read_pfd (defined in REB)REB [private]
read_serial_until(char *, int, char *, int) (defined in REB)REB [private]
ReadAD(int) (defined in REB)REB
ReadAllIR(uint16_t *ir) (defined in REB)REB
ReadConfig() (defined in REB)REB
ReadPos(int) (defined in REB)REB
ReadSpeed(int) (defined in REB)REB
ReadStatus(int, int *, int *) (defined in REB)REB
REB(ConfigFile *cf, int section) (defined in REB)REB
reb_fd (defined in REB)REB [private]
reb_serial_port (defined in REB)REB [private]
refresh_last_position (defined in REB)REB [private]
RegisterProperty(const char *key, Property *prop, ConfigFile *cf, int section)Driver [virtual]
RegisterProperty(Property *prop, ConfigFile *cf, int section)Driver [virtual]
RemoveFileWatch(int fd, bool ReadWatch=true, bool WriteWatch=false, bool ExceptWatch=true)Driver [protected]
Restart() (defined in REB)REB
rightpos (defined in REB)REB [private]
rightvel (defined in REB)REB [private]
SetError(int code)Driver [inline, protected]
SetIRState(int) (defined in REB)REB
SetOdometry(int, int, short) (defined in REB)REB
SetPos(int, int) (defined in REB)REB
SetPosCounter(int, int) (defined in REB)REB
SetSpeed(int, int) (defined in REB)REB
Setup()ThreadedDriver [virtual]
Shutdown()ThreadedDriver [virtual]
StartThread(void) (defined in ThreadedDriver)ThreadedDriver [protected, virtual]
StopThread(void)ThreadedDriver [protected, virtual]
Subscribe(player_device_id_t id) (defined in REB)REB [virtual]
ThreadedDriver::Subscribe(player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [virtual]
ThreadedDriver::Subscribe(QueuePointer &queue, player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [inline, virtual]
SubscriptionLock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
SubscriptionUnlock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
Terminate()ThreadedDriver [virtual]
TestCancel()ThreadedDriver [protected, virtual]
ThreadedDriver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds, size_t queue_maxlen, int interf)ThreadedDriver
ThreadedDriver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds=true, size_t queue_maxlen=PLAYER_MSGQUEUE_DEFAULT_MAXLEN)ThreadedDriver
Unlock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
Unsubscribe(player_device_id_t id) (defined in REB)REB [virtual]
ThreadedDriver::Unsubscribe(player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [virtual]
ThreadedDriver::Unsubscribe(QueuePointer &queue, player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [inline, virtual]
Update()ThreadedDriver [inline, virtual]
UpdateData(void) (defined in REB)REB
UpdateIRData(player_ir_data_t *) (defined in REB)REB
UpdatePosData(player_position_data_t *) (defined in REB)REB
UpdatePowerData(player_power_data_t *) (defined in REB)REB
velocity_mode (defined in REB)REB [private]
Wait(double TimeOut=0.0)ThreadedDriver [virtual]
write_command(char *buf, int len, int maxsize) (defined in REB)REB [private]
write_serial(char *, int) (defined in REB)REB [private]
~Driver()Driver [virtual]
~ThreadedDriver()ThreadedDriver [virtual]

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