KineCalc Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void CalculateFK (const double fromJoints[])
bool CalculateIK (const EndEffector &fromPosition)
const KineVectorGetP (void) const
const KineVectorGetN (void) const
const KineVectorGetO (void) const
const KineVectorGetA (void) const
void SetP (const KineVector &newP)
void SetN (const KineVector &newN)
void SetO (const KineVector &newO)
void SetA (const KineVector &newA)
void SetP (double newPX, double newPY, double newPZ)
void SetN (double newNX, double newNY, double newNZ)
void SetO (double newOX, double newOY, double newOZ)
void SetA (double newAX, double newAY, double newAZ)
double GetTheta (unsigned int index)
const double * GetThetas (void) const
void SetTheta (unsigned int index, double newVal)
void SetLinkLengths (double newLink1, double newLink2, double newLink3, double newLink4, double newLink5)
void SetOffset (unsigned int joint, double newOffset)
void SetJointRange (unsigned int joint, double min, double max)
KineVector CalculateN (const EndEffector &pose)
KineVector Normalise (const KineVector &vector)

Protected Member Functions

void CalcTheta4and5 (double angles[], const EndEffector &fromPosition)
int ChooseSolution (const EndEffector &fromPosition, const double solutions[][5])
double CalcSolutionError (const double solution[], const EndEffector &fromPosition)
EndEffector CalcFKForJoints (const double angles[])
bool SolutionInRange (const double angles[])
void PrintEndEffector (const EndEffector &endEffector)

Protected Attributes

EndEffector endEffector
double joints [5]
double jointOffsets [5]
double jointMin [5]
double jointMax [5]
double link1
double link2
double link3
double link4
double link5

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