Alsa Member List
This is the complete list of members for Alsa, including all inherited members.
actPBBufferTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
actPBPeriodTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
actRecBufferTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
actRecPeriodTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddFileWatch(int fd, bool ReadWatch=true, bool WriteWatch=false, bool ExceptWatch=true)Driver [protected]
AddInterface(player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [protected]
AddInterface(player_devaddr_t *addr, ConfigFile *cf, int section, int code, const char *key=NULL)Driver [protected]
AddSilence(uint32_t time, AudioSample *format) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddStoredSample(StoredSample *newSample) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddStoredSample(player_audio_wav_t *waveData) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddStoredSample(const char *filePath) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddToQueue(QueueItem *newItem) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddToQueue(player_audio_wav_t *waveData) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AddToQueue(AudioSample *sample) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
AdvanceQueue(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
Alsa(ConfigFile *cf, int section) (defined in Alsa)Alsa
cfgPBBufferTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
cfgPBPeriodTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
cfgRecBufferTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
cfgRecPeriodTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
cfgRecStoreTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
CleanUpMixerElements(MixerElement *elements, uint32_t count) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
ClearQueue(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
debugLevel (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
Driver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds, size_t queue_maxlen, int interf)Driver
Driver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds=true, size_t queue_maxlen=PLAYER_MSGQUEUE_DEFAULT_MAXLEN)Driver
DummyMain(void *driver)ThreadedDriver [protected, static]
DummyMainQuit(void *driver)ThreadedDriver [protected, static]
EnumElementCaps(MixerElement *element) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
EnumMixerElements(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
FilterElements(MixerElement *elements, uint32_t &count) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
GetError()Driver [inline]
GetSampleAtIndex(int index) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleMixerChannelCmd(player_audio_mixer_channel_list_t *data) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleMixerChannelLevelReq(player_audio_mixer_channel_list_t *data, QueuePointer &resp_queue) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleMixerChannelListReq(player_audio_mixer_channel_list_detail_t *data, QueuePointer &resp_queue) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleRecordCmd(player_bool_t *data) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleRecordedData(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleSampleLoadReq(player_audio_sample_t *data, QueuePointer &resp_queue) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleSamplePlayCmd(player_audio_sample_item_t *data) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleSampleRecordReq(player_audio_sample_rec_req_t *data, QueuePointer &resp_queue) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleSampleRetrieveReq(player_audio_sample_t *data, QueuePointer &resp_queue) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HandleWavePlayCmd(player_audio_wav_t *waveData) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
HasSubscriptions() (defined in Driver)Driver
LevelFromPlayer(long min, long max, float level) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
LevelToPlayer(long min, long max, long level) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
Lock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
Main(void)Alsa [private, virtual]
MainQuit(void)Alsa [private, virtual]
MainSetup(void)Alsa [private, virtual]
MixerDetailsToPlayer(player_audio_mixer_channel_list_detail_t *dest) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
mixerDevice (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
mixerElements (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
mixerFilterExact (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
mixerFilters (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
mixerHandle (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
MixerLevelsToPlayer(player_audio_mixer_channel_list_t *dest) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
nextSampleIdx (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
numElements (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
numPBFDs (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
numRecFDs (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
pbDevice (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
pbFDs (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
pbHandle (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
pbPeriodSize (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
periodBuffer (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
PlaybackCallback(int numFrames) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
playState (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
PrintMixerElements(MixerElement *elements, uint32_t count) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
ProcessInternalMessages(QueuePointer &resp_queue, player_msghdr *hdr, void *data)Driver [virtual]
ProcessMessage(QueuePointer &resp_queue, player_msghdr *hdr, void *data)Alsa [virtual]
ProcessMessages(int maxmsgs)Driver
Publish(player_devaddr_t addr, QueuePointer &queue, uint8_t type, uint8_t subtype, void *src=NULL, size_t deprecated=0, double *timestamp=NULL, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
Publish(player_devaddr_t addr, uint8_t type, uint8_t subtype, void *src=NULL, size_t deprecated=0, double *timestamp=NULL, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
Publish(QueuePointer &queue, player_msghdr_t *hdr, void *src, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
Publish(player_msghdr_t *hdr, void *src, bool copy=true)Driver [virtual]
PublishMixerData(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
PublishRecordedData(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
queueHead (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
queueTail (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recBits (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recData (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recDataLength (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recDataOffset (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recDest (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recDevice (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recFDs (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recHandle (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recNumChannels (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
RecordCallback(int numFrames) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recPeriodSize (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recSampleRate (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
recState (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
RegisterProperty(const char *key, Property *prop, ConfigFile *cf, int section)Driver [virtual]
RegisterProperty(Property *prop, ConfigFile *cf, int section)Driver [virtual]
RemoveFileWatch(int fd, bool ReadWatch=true, bool WriteWatch=false, bool ExceptWatch=true)Driver [protected]
samplesHead (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
samplesTail (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SendStateMessage(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetElementLevel(uint32_t index, float level) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetElementSwitch(uint32_t index, player_bool_t active) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetError(int code)Driver [inline, protected]
SetPBParams(AudioSample *sample) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetRecParams(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
Setup()ThreadedDriver [virtual]
SetupMixer(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetupPlayBack(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetupRecord(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SetupRecordBuffer(uint32_t length) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
Shutdown()ThreadedDriver [virtual]
silenceTime (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
SplitElements(MixerElement *elements, uint32_t &count) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
StartPlayback(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
StartRecording(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
StartThread(void) (defined in ThreadedDriver)ThreadedDriver [protected, virtual]
StopPlayback(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
StopRecording(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
StopThread(void)ThreadedDriver [protected, virtual]
Subscribe(player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [virtual]
Subscribe(QueuePointer &queue, player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [inline, virtual]
SubscriptionLock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
SubscriptionUnlock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
Terminate()ThreadedDriver [virtual]
TestCancel()ThreadedDriver [protected, virtual]
ThreadedDriver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds, size_t queue_maxlen, int interf)ThreadedDriver
ThreadedDriver(ConfigFile *cf, int section, bool overwrite_cmds=true, size_t queue_maxlen=PLAYER_MSGQUEUE_DEFAULT_MAXLEN)ThreadedDriver
Unlock(void)Driver [protected, virtual]
Unsubscribe(player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [virtual]
Unsubscribe(QueuePointer &queue, player_devaddr_t addr)Driver [inline, virtual]
Update()ThreadedDriver [inline, virtual]
useQueue (defined in Alsa)Alsa [private]
Wait(double TimeOut=0.0)ThreadedDriver [virtual]
~Alsa(void) (defined in Alsa)Alsa
~Driver()Driver [virtual]
~ThreadedDriver()ThreadedDriver [virtual]

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