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Detailed Description

Fiducial (marker) detection.

The fiducial interface provides access to devices that detect coded fiducials (markers) placed in the environment. It can also be used for devices the detect natural landmarks.

typedef player_fiducial_item player_fiducial_item_t
 Info on a single detected fiducial.
typedef player_fiducial_data player_fiducial_data_t
 Data: detected fiducials (PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_DATA_SCAN).
typedef player_fiducial_geom player_fiducial_geom_t
 Request/reply: Get geometry.
typedef player_fiducial_fov player_fiducial_fov_t
 Request/reply: Get/set sensor field of view.
typedef player_fiducial_id player_fiducial_id_t
 Request/reply: Get/set fiducial ID.

Typedef Documentation

Data: detected fiducials (PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_DATA_SCAN).

The fiducial data packet (all fiducials).

Request/reply: Get/set sensor field of view.

The field of view of the fiducial device can be set using the PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_REQ_SET_FOV request (response will be null), and queried using a null PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_REQ_GET_FOV request.

Request/reply: Get geometry.

The geometry (pose and size) of the fiducial device can be queried by sending a null PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_REQ_GET_GEOM request.

Request/reply: Get/set fiducial ID.

Some fiducial finder devices display their own fiducial. Send a null PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_REQ_GET_ID request to get the identifier displayed by the fiducial.

Some devices can dynamically change the identifier they display. Send a PLAYER_FIDUCIAL_REQ_SET_ID request to set the currently displayed value. Make the request with the player_fiducial_id_t structure. The device replies with the same structure with the id field set to the value it actually used. You should check this value, as the device may not be able to display the value you requested.

Currently supported by the stg_fiducial driver.

Info on a single detected fiducial.

The fiducial data packet contains a list of these.

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