Device API

Detailed Description

The device object provides a common interface to the functionality that is shared by all device proxies (in OOP parlance, it is a base class).

In general, this object should not be instantiated or accessed directly: use the device proxies instead.


struct  _playerc_device_t
 Common device info. More...


typedef _playerc_device_t playerc_device_t
 Common device info.


void playerc_device_init (playerc_device_t *device, playerc_client_t *client, int code, int index, playerc_putmsg_fn_t putmsg)
 Initialise the device.
void playerc_device_term (playerc_device_t *device)
 Finalize the device.
int playerc_device_subscribe (playerc_device_t *device, int access)
 Subscribe the device.
int playerc_device_unsubscribe (playerc_device_t *device)
 Unsubscribe the device.

Function Documentation

void playerc_device_init playerc_device_t device,
playerc_client_t client,
int  code,
int  index,
playerc_putmsg_fn_t  putmsg

Initialise the device.

Additional callbacks for geom and config

For internal use only.

int playerc_device_subscribe playerc_device_t device,
int  access

Subscribe the device.

For internal use only.

void playerc_device_term playerc_device_t device  ) 

Finalize the device.

For internal use only.

int playerc_device_unsubscribe playerc_device_t device  ) 

Unsubscribe the device.

For internal use only.

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