PlayerCc::GpsProxy Class Reference

#include <playerc++.h>

Inherits PlayerCc::ClientProxy.

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Detailed Description

The GpsProxy class is used to control a gps device.

The latest pose data is stored in three class attributes.

Public Member Functions

 GpsProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint aIndex=0)
double GetLatitude () const
 Latitude and longitude, in degrees.
double GetLongitude () const
double GetAltitude () const
 Altitude, in meters.
uint GetSatellites () const
 Number of satellites in view.
uint GetQuality () const
 Fix quality.
double GetHdop () const
 Horizontal dilution of position (HDOP).
double GetVdop () const
 Vertical dilution of position (HDOP).
double GetUtmEasting () const
 UTM easting and northing (meters).
double GetUtmNorthing () const
double GetTime () const
 Time, since the epoch.
double GetErrHorizontal () const
double GetErrVertical () const

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