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Member Driver::Prepare ()
I think this can be deprecated.

Member Driver::DataAvailable (void)
Fix the semantics of DataAvailable() and Wait(). As currenly implemented, we Wait() on devices, but call DataAvailable() on drivers. For drivers with multiple interfaces, this means than threads blocked on a wait will resume when any* of the driver's interfaces is updated (not the expected behavior).

Class player_localize_get_particles
Fill this in.

Class player_nomad_cmd
This should change in future to match normal Player style (mm/sec), once someone figures out exactly what the Nomad units are.

Group player_interface_aio
- Add command structure.

Group player_driver_imageseq
Add support for color images.

Group player_driver_linuxjoystick
Add support for continuously sending commands, which might be needed for position devices that use watchdog timers.

Group player_driver_amcl
  • Get the laser's pose from the laser, using the GET_GEOM request.
  • Implement / update other sensor models

Group player_driver_er1
Implement IR and power interfaces.

Group player_driver_canonvcc4
Add more functionalities. Actually Only pan, tilt and zoom values can be set up.

Group player_util_playerjoy
Calibrate out initial offset; should be possible by parsing the JS_EVENT_INIT message.

Group multiclient
Document mutliclient

Member playerc_laser_putdata (playerc_laser_t *device, player_msghdr_t *header, player_laser_data_t *data, size_t len)
This modifies the the data packet, which is BAD; change to const pointer for all putdata functions and fix.

Member playerc_motor_set_cmd_vel (playerc_motor_t *device, double vt, int state)
Document state

Member playerc_motor_set_cmd_pose (playerc_motor_t *device, double gt, int state)
Document state

Group playerc_proxy_position2d
Remove position2d

Page HOWTO: Creating a Plugin Driver
  • Add example of building plugin using libtool.
  • Add "theory" from Architecture Chapter of the old manual.

Page The Player protocol
  • Fill this in with material from the "Client/Server Protocol" of the old manual.

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