DriveWheel Member List

This is the complete list of members for DriveWheel, including all inherited members.

cmdSpeed (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
Connect(Joint *joint, int type)DriveWheel [virtual]
DRIVE enum value (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
FULL enum value (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
GetType()Wheel [inline]
SetSteerTorque(float newTorque)DriveWheel
SetSuspension(float spring, float damping, float step)DriveWheel [virtual]
SetTorque(float newTorque)DriveWheel [virtual]
STEER enum value (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
steerKd (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
steerKp (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
Stop()DriveWheel [virtual]
type (defined in Wheel)Wheel [protected]
Update(float speed, float steer=0)DriveWheel [virtual]
~DriveWheel()DriveWheel [virtual]
~Wheel()Wheel [virtual]

Last updated Aug 04 2007