SliderJoint Class Reference
[Slider Joint]

#include <SliderJoint.hh>

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Detailed Description

A slider joint

Public Member Functions

 SliderJoint (dWorldID worldId)
virtual ~SliderJoint ()
Vector3 GetAxis () const
double GetPosition () const
double GetPositionRate () const
virtual double GetParam (int parameter) const
void SetAxis (double x, double y, double z)
virtual void SetParam (int parameter, double value)
virtual void SetAnchor (const Vector3 &anchor)
void SetSliderForce (double force)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void LoadChild (XMLConfigNode *node)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SliderJoint ( dWorldID  worldId  ) 


virtual ~SliderJoint (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void LoadChild ( XMLConfigNode node  )  [protected, virtual]

Load the joint

Reimplemented from Joint.

Vector3 GetAxis (  )  const

Get the axis of rotation

double GetPosition (  )  const

Get the position of the joint

double GetPositionRate (  )  const

Get the rate of change

virtual double GetParam ( int  parameter  )  const [virtual]

Get the _parameter

Reimplemented from Joint.

void SetAxis ( double  x,
double  y,
double  z 

Set the axis of motion

virtual void SetParam ( int  parameter,
double  value 
) [virtual]

Set the _parameter

Reimplemented from Joint.

virtual void SetAnchor ( const Vector3 anchor  )  [inline, virtual]

Set the anchor

Reimplemented from Joint.

void SetSliderForce ( double  force  ) 

Set the slider force

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