Hinge2Joint Member List

This is the complete list of members for Hinge2Joint, including all inherited members.

AreConnected(Body *one, Body *two) const Joint
Attach(Body *one, Body *two)Joint
BALL enum value (defined in Joint)Joint
GetAnchor() const Hinge2Joint [virtual]
GetAnchor2() const Hinge2Joint
GetAngle1() const Hinge2Joint
GetAngle1Rate() const Hinge2Joint
GetAngle2Rate() const Hinge2Joint
GetAxis1() const Hinge2Joint
GetAxis2() const Hinge2Joint
GetJointBody(int index) const Joint
GetName() const Joint
GetParam(int parameter) const Hinge2Joint [virtual]
GetType() const Joint
HINGE enum value (defined in Joint)Joint
HINGE2 enum value (defined in Joint)Joint
Hinge2Joint(dWorldID worldId)Hinge2Joint
jointIdJoint [protected]
Load(XMLConfigNode *node)Joint
LoadChild(XMLConfigNode *node)Hinge2Joint [protected, virtual]
SetAnchor(const Vector3 &anchor)Hinge2Joint [virtual]
SetAxis1(const Vector3 &axis)Hinge2Joint
SetAxis2(const Vector3 &axis)Hinge2Joint
SetName(const std::string &name)Joint
SetParam(int parameter, double value)Hinge2Joint [virtual]
SetTorque(double torque1, double torque2)Hinge2Joint
SLIDER enum value (defined in Joint)Joint
typeJoint [protected]
Type enum nameJoint
UNIVERSAL enum value (defined in Joint)Joint
~Hinge2Joint()Hinge2Joint [virtual]
~Joint()Joint [virtual]

Last updated Aug 04 2007