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Garmin GPS

The GarminGPS model simulates GPS information by using the flat-world approximation. It doesn't account for GPS occlusion or loss of signal, etc.

When using the GPS modle, one must also define a UTM offset and zone in the global parameters section of the world file. The UTM offset governs the transformation between simulation coordinates and UTM coordinates; i.e., the point (0, 0, 0) in the simulation frame is mapped to point (utmOffset.x, utmOffset.y, utmOffset.z) in the UTM frame. The UTM zone is used to convert UTM coordinates to latitude and longitude.

libgazebo interfaces
This model supports the gps interface.

Player drivers
GPS position information is available through the gz_gps driver.

The following attributes are supported.

The following bodies are created by this model.


Horizontal and vertical errors (Garmin specific).

Model satellite geometry for DOP.

Compute satellite occlusions.


Pranav Srivastava

Last updated 12 September 2005 21:38:45